Yoga Sprint

Late for yoga!  I dash through my morning routine like the traffic light had just turned yellow.  I was frantic to be there on time. 

Cats fed, me fed, cats watered, me water bottle, cat’s litter scooped, me potty break, teeth brushed (me, not the cats) yoga mat under my arm and out the door!

I slap the steering wheel.  No gas.  I do my best Mario Andretti impression as I skid into the gas station. 

Of Veterinarians and Oven Mitts

I slipped into the laundry room as nonchalantly as possible. The cat wasn’t fooled. Ernie watched me warily with his large golden eyes. As quietly as possible, I slid the cat carrier from the shelf.

All three of my cats suddenly vanished. It was as though a cat had never lived in our home. I wasn’t worried. It was all part of a typical trip to the vet.